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Spreading joy this Christmas season.

What is Random Acts of


It's simply really, we just want to bless and encourage people by showing kindness to random people. This can be done in many ways.

  • Paying for someone's meal who is behind you.

  • Buying flowers for strangers.

  • Give encouraging words to people who seem down.

  • Any way you can think of to show kindness!

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How you can participate.

Go out and do random acts of kindness! We also want to help you. So we created a card you fill out and hand out to people. Pick up some cards on a Sunday morning at Oasis.

These cards have a place where you can fill out an encouraging message to give to a neighbor or put on a random doorstep/mailbox. You can attach a gift card or flowers to it. Maybe you are low on extra money this season. Then just write an encouraging note.


Use your imagination and show kindness to those in our community. We can all use a little more kindness!