Helping kids discover, experience & follow Jesus.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Your kids will love coming to church!


Our top priority is to keep your kids safe while learning about Jesus. We have a safe & secure check-in and check-out. Your child will be given a number specific to them that changes every Sunday. You as the parent will get that number and a receipt so only you can check out your child.


We continually try to make a fun learning environment for your kids to enjoy. We want your kids to have a great experience at Oasis Church.


We teach simple and easy to understand Bible lessons so your kids can discover and experience who Jesus is. We split age groups so your child will learn on their level.


With kids their own age in each of the classes we encourage sharing and making friendships that hopefully can last a lifetime.


We have dedicated, passionate volunteers who teach your kids every Sunday morning. We use a curriculum that is specifically designed for each age group.


Your child has the opportunity to earn Bible Bucks every Sunday for participation, bringing their Bibles, good behavior, memorization and more. Every three months on the 5th Sunday we have the Bible Bucks store where they can trade in their Bible Bucks for toys and other goodies.

Sunday Mornings

10:30am Only


We break the kids into 4 different age groups for a better learning experience.


Infants - 2 years old
At this age we do not teach but allow to children to grow in motor and social skills.

Pre - K & Kindergarten

3 years old - Kindergarten
Your kids will love the crafts, lesson, and music. They will discover who Jesus is and what he did for us.

Lower Elementary

1 - 3 grade
As their knowledge grows so will their faith as your kids will learn what it means to be a Christian. 

Upper Elementary

4 - 5th grades
We are preparing your kids to enter the world of becoming a teenager. The world has so much influence over this age group so we want to keep Jesus at the forefront of their minds.


Pre-register your kids before you arrive for the first time.


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