Kids Zone ministries is for children from ages 0 up to 5th grade. We believe the future of the church and our city rests in the hands of this generation. We teach our kids about Jesus and how they can follow him through loving, serving, and kindness. Kids Zone is currently only offered at our 10:45am service time.
We have a secure check-in and Check-out system. Our Kids Zone volunteers will help you get your kids into the system and from there it is a easy as a push of a button. Upon check-in you receive a sticker ID for your child and also for you. No one else can check out your child from that point unless they have your child’s number which is given at random every week.
Our volunteers are passionate about teaching your kids how to live for Jesus. We worship together, play games, watch skits, and build crafts for our lessons. Your kids will learn on a level they can understand along with other kids their age. Background checks have been run for all Kids Zone workers and we have a policy of always having 2 teachers per classroom. Your children will be safe and want to come back every week to have fun, learn and build friendships.
KIDS ZONE | Sunday’s at 10:45am | Check-in starts at 10:30am