Oasis Christian Church
Oasis Church is a Christian church. We are part of the “Restoration Movement”. This movement is not “just another denomination,” since we have not chosen a denominational or “man-made” name, creed, or book of doctrine. Our name, as individual members, is Christian and as congregations, Churches of Christ or Christian Churches. As these terms are scriptural and based upon the Word of God, we can honestly claim to be “Christians only.” We are not the only Christians; we are Christians only! As to our creed (from the Latin “credo,” meaning “I believe”) we believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God, as Lord and as Savior. Our book of doctrine, or list of beliefs, is simply the Word of God. Thus as one man has expressed it, “We have no creed but Christ, no book but the Bible, no name but the name Christian.”
Oasis Church began in 2005 with the founding Pastor, Michael Gray, meeting at Cedar Ridge elementary School every Sunday. Then in 2010 our current Pastor, Greg Smith, became the senior Pastor, after Micheal Gray was called to a different ministry. Greg Smith is originally from Kentucky and has over 20 years of Pastoral Experience.
In 2014 we finished our church renovation project of an old gym in the heart of Pueblo West, to make way for the new home of Oasis Church. We currently average around 300 people every Sunday at both of our services at 9 and 10:45am. Monday thru Friday Pueblo Christian Academy meets and holds classes in our Facility, housing about 30 students from kindergarten thru High School.
If you would like to know more about Oasis Church please join us for our Belong class. During this class, held after our second service, we go deeper into our vision and history of the church. Make sure to check out our events tab to find out when the next class will be held.
We hope to see you this Sunday at 9 or 10:45am.